When you need chin augmentation: the method of arthroplasty with facial implants

Chin augmentation with facial implants is very popular operation today. Implants in the chin can be from non-biological materials, such as silicone or polymers, and biological materials on the basis of the cartilage tissue (bioimplants).

Bioimplant is cut from the ear, rib, or septum of the nose of the patient and placed in the subperiosteal pocket. The advantage of this technology is that during operation it is possible to model the shape of the graft, depending on individual anatomical features of the mandible of the patient. The disadvantages of bioimplants is the need for additional surgical intervention to obtain the cartilage and the hypothetical possibility of its resorption.

Silicone implants in the chin have a large assortment in sizes and the form. They can be monolithic and perforated. The use of the perforated implants is more preferable. Such operations are performed with external and internal access, in the first case, the incision is made under the lower jaw, and the second through an incision in the mouth.

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