The advantages of using implants in chin augmentation

  • The results after plastics with implants are permanent unlike the temporary result of contouring with biopolymeric gels.
  • Can be combined with other plastic surgeries, for example, rhinoplasty.
  • There are a variety of implants for chin augmentation to meet your every need
  • The intraoral and direct surgical approaches are possible

At plastic surgery on the chin with implants, it should be remembered that some patients are better suited to other methods. If you have a very weak chin, abnormalities of the lower jaw, you’s better to try the interventions such as genioplasty or interference in the upper jaw. Although it is more extensive intervention, involving the breakdown of bone tissue, which are characterized by a more prolonged healing wounds, the result of such operations can be much better than using only a chin implant. To figure out which surgery is right for you, you should consult with your doctor.

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