Postoperative period with plastic surgery of the chin

The recovery process after plastic surgery of the chin depends on the chosen surgical approach, and whether there had been some other plastic procedures at the same time with a chin augmentation or not. In General, in the absence of awkward moments, this operation is outpatient, and you can go home in the evening . At first you may feel numbness of the lower lip like after the dentist.

During the day the sensitivity in this place must come back. Swelling and tenderness in the chin area can be saved some time. Your doctor may prescribe you painkillers to alleviate pain and antibiotics to prevent the infectious complications. To maintain position of the implant in the early postoperative period a special support bandage or “helmet” is imposed . When lying down it is recommended to raise the head higher to prevent the swelling of the soft tissues. With the intraoral access for installation of the chin implant, the doctor will prescribe you a mouthwash with antiseptic until complete healing of the incision on the gums. Rinsing should be carried out after each meal to clean the stitches. These stitches usually are resolved in a couple of weeks. If the incision was held under the chin, the stitches are removed on average in a week.

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