Postoperative period with plastic surgery of the chin

The recovery process after plastic surgery of the chin depends on the chosen surgical approach, and whether there had been some other plastic procedures at the same time with a chin augmentation or not. In General, in the absence of awkward moments, this operation is outpatient, and you can go home in the evening ….


The advantages of using implants in chin augmentation

The results after plastics with implants are permanent unlike the temporary result of contouring with biopolymeric gels. Can be combined with other plastic surgeries, for example, rhinoplasty. There are a variety of implants for chin augmentation to meet your every need The intraoral and direct surgical approaches are possible At plastic surgery on the chin…


When you need chin augmentation: the method of arthroplasty with facial implants

Chin augmentation with facial implants is very popular operation today. Implants in the chin can be from non-biological materials, such as silicone or polymers, and biological materials on the basis of the cartilage tissue (bioimplants). Bioimplant is cut from the ear, rib, or septum of the nose of the patient and placed in the subperiosteal…


Why the Surge in Men’s Plastic Surgery?

Our culture values both youth and beauty. Although this is true for women, it is also true for men. This had led to a surge in men’s plastic surgery over the last five years. Many prominent plastic surgeons now focus an area of their practice on men and men’s plastic surgery needs. What was once…